We have redefined the Forex standard and spent COUNTLESS hours finding the best strategy and simplifying it so that it sets you up for SUCCESS!

What is Forex?

"Forex" is the short form of foreign exchange. It can also be referred to as "FX" and currency exchange. Forex trading in a nutshell

"Who is O'Ryan Grey"

O’Ryan is 29 years old, and married with 2 children. As early as age 15, he developed an entrepreneurial spirit and knew his future career aspirations would involve creating a Framework for Success. At age 20, he embarked on a career in Sales in the Timeshare Industry, where his primary focus involved driving new sales from prospective clients and moved these accounts through the sales cycle: leads into opportunities, opportunities to clients, and the final phase which entailed the activation of new accounts. On average, O’Ryan exacted an average monthly revenue stream of $12K, coupled with being ranked in the top 5% of sales professionals company-wide.

 In January 2017, O’Ryan re-defined his standards of excellence, created a road map, and ventured into Forex trading. O’Ryan is a firm believer that in order to navigate this journey called LIFE, there will be no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone. Becoming successful in this industry requires ALOT of studying the markets daily, and partnering with pioneers in Forex to master the art of trading. He spent over thousands of hours on the charts, mastering trading and investing, but he also read a plethora of books, absorbing vast amounts of knowledge on topics such as human psychology & spirituality. Attempting great things often starts with a small step of FAITH and knowledge.

Our Community

"What is The Coalition Academy?"

 O’Ryan launched the Coalition Academy with a vision to bring others along who share a great appreciation of the entrepreneurial culture which is so critically important in today’s climate. Lets’ talk about how a few hours daily can change your future. As with every thing we do in life, goal setting is a critical step. Some traders start out very early in the morning and spend weekends preparing strategy for the following week. Of course, you will know what works best for your life stlye. Taking the time from the comfort of your home or at an outdoor café to do research or market watching is common for traders until they build the trust required to allow their trading strategies to work on their behalf without on going monitoring.


The Coalition Academy helps EVERY trader become the BEST version of themselves. Forex traders also know how to have fun, and do take time away from their trading screens to unwind with family and friends; that is the whole point after all, Right? You can learn from The Coalition Academy today and change your life for tomorrow!


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